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– Excellent image quality with reliable performance.

– Outstanding color reproduction, Fast response time, Good upscaling capabilities.

– Limited HDMI 2.1 support, Moderate contrast ratio.



– Value for money with decent performance and longevity.

– Attractive price point, Good color reproduction, Roku smart platform.

– Average contrast ratio, Limited local dimming capabilities.



– Budget-friendly option with reliable performance.

– Affordable price, Good color accuracy, Decent contrast ratio.

– Limited viewing angles, Inconsistent local dimming.



– Impressive picture quality and durability at a reasonable price.

– Great color accuracy, Good contrast ratios, Reasonable price point.

– Inconsistent local dimming, Limited viewing angles.


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– Exceptional picture quality with long-lasting durability.

– Vibrant colors with Quantum Dot technology, Deep blacks with Mini-LED, Durable build quality.

– Expensive, Limited HDMI 2.1 capabilities


We carried out an exhaustive assessment of the 85-inch TV for inclusion in our television review guide. Our examination covered aspects such as image quality, sound performance, connection alternatives, user-friendliness, and aesthetics. We utilized various content categories to gauge the television’s capabilities in diverse situations. Our evaluation method was both meticulous and comprehensive, aiming to furnish our readers with a precise and in-depth analysis of the TV’s strengths and weaknesses.

85 inch TV description:

An 85 inch TV is a large screen television that can offer an immersive viewing experience for various entertainment purposes. To select the right 85 inch TV, factors such as dimensions, size, and specifications, including resolution, refresh rate, and HDR support, must be considered. Dimensions ensure that the TV can fit comfortably and safely in your viewing space, size refers to the diagonal length of the screen, and specifications enhance image quality, color, contrast, and motion. Overall, choosing the appropriate dimensions, size, and specs for an 85 inch TV can significantly improve the viewing experience for movies, sports, gaming, and more.

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85 inch TV height and width:

It’s crucial to take the height and breadth into account when selecting an 85-inch TV to make sure it will fit in your room and offer the best possible viewing. An 85-inch TV’s typical dimensions are 43.9 inches in height and 75.9 inches in width, though certain TV models may vary somewhat. The following table compares the dimensions of various 85-inch TV models:

85 Inch TV dimensions in cm:

The diagonal of an 85-inch TV is approximately 215.9 cm. The typical aspect ratio on contemporary TVs is 16:9. This below table showing aspect ratio can be used to estimate the width and height. Ensure to follow the below table.

Please note that these dimensions are approximate, and the actual dimensions may vary slightly based on the specific TV model and frame size.


Dimension in feet:

An 85-inch TV has a diagonal screen size of approximately 7.08 feet. The modern typical aspect ratio for a TVs is 16:9. Using this aspect ratio, the approximate width and height can be calculated easily and the below table will be your guide.

Please note that these dimensions are approximate, and the actual dimensions may vary slightly based on the specific TV model and frame size.

Smart TV operating system:

Most modern Smart TVs are televisions with over the air software applications and internet connectivity built-in, enabling users to view a variety of content and services. Convenience, adaptability, and future-proofing your entertainment experience depend on these characteristics. Here is a sample table that contrasts three well-known 85 inch modern Smart TV manufacturers that you can easily use for measurement online:

When choosing a TV, it’s essential to consider the Smart TV features to ensure easy access to content, convenience, personalization, and compatibility with future entertainment trends.


Box dimensions:

Considering box dimensions is crucial for shipping costs, packaging materials, storage requirements, and product design. Here’s a self explanatory table for 85 Inches TV dimensions in inches, centimeters, and feet:

By understanding the dimensions, you can optimize shipping costs, use packaging materials efficiently, plan storage space, and design products that fit well within the packaging constraints.

Pixel technology:

Pixel technology refers to the use of pixels (picture elements) in creating images on digital displays, such as TVs. Pixels consist of red, green, and blue subpixels, which can emit varying levels of light and color to form detailed images. Below is a table explaining the key factors in comparing pixel quality include resolution, pixel density, and display technology in 85 inches tv.

In the table above, TV 1 represents a Full HD LED TV with a pixel density of 80 PPI, while TV 2 is a 4K OLED TV with 120 PPI. TV 3 is a 4K LED TV with 100 PPI, TV 4 is an 8K QLED TV with 160 PPI, and TV 5 is a 720p LED TV with 60 PPI. The table helps in comparing pixel quality.


In conclusion, when choosing an 85-inch TV, it is crucial to consider the proper size, length, and dimensions to ensure it fits well within your living space and provides an optimal viewing experience. Selecting the right dimensions will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room but also contribute to comfortable viewing distances and angles. Taking the time to measure your space and evaluate mounting or placement options will help you make an informed decision and maximize the enjoyment of your new 85-inch TV.