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Noctua NF-P14s

With just 1500 RPM speed, the Noctua NF-P14s can get the job done and dissipate heat like a pro.

Top-notch quality with extremely low noise, perfect for a silent PC build.

The grey color isn’t ideal.


Lian-Li UNI SL140

RGB-lit 140mm fan that’s quieter than most case fans on the market, the Lian-Li FAN SL140 is a decent option if you have the budget.

Easy to hook up and the aesthetics of the fan can really make a stunning addition to the PC build.


be quiet!

be quiet! Light Wings 140mm PWM

Elegant looking 140mm fans with ARGB lights that leave you in awe, truly one of the best 140mm case fans out there.

PWM-controlled fans with high RPM for effective cooling. And since they’re noiseless, these are the ideal choice.


Fractal Design

Fractal Design Aspect 14

Using modern tools and technology to offer excellent airflow inside the case while keeping the noise to a minimum.

The fan is designed in a way so that there’s minimum turbulence, leading to lower noise levels. And the added ARGB lights further lit up the build.


be quiet!

be quiet! Pure Wings 2 140mm PWM

Extremely quiet fans that you can buy in bulk quantity without breaking the bank, surely the best budget-friendly 140mm fans on the market.

Control the speed of these fans with a single touch and quite easier to mount on any supported case.

Only comes in black.


The review process for 140mm quiet case fans considered factors such as noise level, airflow, static pressure, bearing type, lifespan, compatibility with different cases, and value for the price. Additionally, the reviewers have compared the 140mm quiet case fans to other options on the market, including both high-end and budget-friendly models, to provide a comprehensive analysis.

Buying Guide for Best 140mm Quiet Case Fan

A loud computer can be the cause of your daily headache. And if you spend a decent chunk of your time on your PC during the night times, there’s a solid chance that you’re not the only one that’s bothered by the loud noises coming out of the PC. In order to make the system quieter, you’re better off investing in quiet case fans.


Currently, there’s a massive variety of fans on the market but, only a handful of these fans operate quietly. On today’s round-up, we’ve listed some of the best 140mm quiet case fans on the market and we’re confident that these fans will be able to turn your loud PC into a silent one. 


But, before getting your hands on these fans, there are a few things that must be considered.

Key Considerations

Looking for an effective airflow inside the case? You need to install case fans that can efficiently dissipate the heat. But, not every fan that you can find on the market is built for your computer. Before buying a fan, here are a couple of important things to remember. 



Do your case even supports 140mm fans? This must be the first question that you must pop into your mind when you’re browsing for a quiet fan. Generally, most ATX-sized cases support 120mm fans and only a handful of cases have the mount for 140mm fans. 


Before ordering anything, ensure that the fan mounts on the case are actually for 140mm case fans. You can check the specifications of the PC case to know for sure the size that is supported by the case. If you can’t seem to find the specifications, use the old-fashion way and measure the dimensions yourself. 


Static or Non-Static Fans 

Some fans which have thin fins are optimized to offer better exhaust and these are called non-static fans. These fans have large openings which effectively dissipate the heat from the computer and are generally installed on the rear mount of the case. 


Similarly, the static fans have thick and dense fins that are optimized in a way so that they can push the air in one direction and cover a maximum of cubic feet per minute (CFM). This further optimizes the airflow of the case. Static fans serve as the case’s intake fans and are usually mounted on the front.

Speed Control 

Despite investing in a quiet fan, if it’s running at full speed every second, the PC will be quite noisy. For quieter operations, it is a better option to invest in fans that comes with PWM technology and can be controlled using the software. 


In PWM-enabled fans, the speed is determined by the computer operations and synced with the fan speed. During non-intensive operations of the PC, the fans will run at low-speed and are hardly detectable. And as the computer proceeds to run intensive tasks and starts to get hot, the fans will only then run at their full speed. 


When purchasing the quiet fans, make sure that the fans that you’re buying come with PWM technology as they tend to be quieter than traditional fans on the mar. 


Budget & Quantity 

Replacing only a single fan inside the case would hardly make any difference, you will need to replace all the traditional fans with quieter ones. And if you set aside a budget, you can find some excellent options on the market from different price brackets. Above, we’ve listed some of the finest options available on the market. 


And if there are no budget restraints, you can even go ahead and invest in some modern fans that feature Fluid dynamic bearing technology. This new technology in PC case fans enables them to offer better airflow and remain quieter, even during intense operations. But since these are extremely expensive, they’re not entirely mainstream in the market.

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The Fluid Dynamic Bearing is surely the best option as it offers smooth operations with quiet operations. However, they’re quite expensive and not ideal for everyone. On the other hand, sleeve-bearing fans are the most common type of fans on the market and they can also get the job done. However, they are not quiet when running at full speed. 


As for the fans with double ball bearings, they offer the sweet spot for a gamer. They aren’t too expensive and comparatively quieter as compared to the sleeve bearing. Also, they can be mounted vertically as well as horizontally without any issues.