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Asus Prime X570-Pro

One of the most beautiful pieces of hardware that supports Ryzen 5000 CPUs right out of the box, the Asus Prime X570-Pro with its all-white exterior makes it an excellent contender for the best motherboard for AMD Ryzen 9 5900X. It is a fan favorite for those with minimalistic builds since it blends naturally. A bit on the pricey side but, looks aren’t the only good thing about this one, you can expect some sheer performance as well.

An ATX-sized motherboard with all the latest features that you can expect. Dual M.2 slots, compatibility with Type-C, 12+2 power stage, solid PCB with multi-layers for a stable experience, lots of heatsinks including an overboard fan and thermal padding to keep the system stable. A single-click overclocking, Aura RGB lights, and the headers for cooling options are also a decent touch. 2-Way SLI and more.



Gigabyte B550 AORUS PRO AC

The Elitest AM4 motherboard on the market with the potential to break every performance barrier, Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro AC paired up with AMD Ryzen 9 5900X is a dream come true. With superior quality, amazing aesthetics, phenomenal VRM, and tons of features that take your rig to the next level, Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro AC is our first choice for the best motherboard for AMD Ryzen 5900X.

Multiple M.2 slots, 4xDIMMs for DDR4 memory sticks, RGB lights, compatibility for Type-C, and much more. Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro AC is designed for gaming purposes. WiFi and next-gen LAN connectors can also be found on the pre-installed I/O panels. Heat shredders keep the insides cool while a high-quality PCB ensures safe operations.

Weak Areas: Bluetooth


MSI MAG X570S Tomahawk

Extreme overclocking abilities and support for 3rd-gen CPUs make MSI MAG X570S Tomahawk one of the best motherboards for AMD 5900X. Aside from stunning aesthetics and superior performance, MSI MAG X570S Tomahawk features a 2.5G LAN connection and WiFi to support a flawless gaming experience. The addition of ambiance lights also gives the motherboard a superior look.

MSI MAG X570S Tomahawk features 4xDIMMs with a boost clock of 5100MHz, taking things to the next level in terms of high-end gaming. Support for M.2 drives, thermal pads for heat dissipation, and a multi-layer PCB ensures decent performance and power efficiency. The Flash BIOS button on the rear I/O panel is also a decent touch.

No Type-C


Asus TUF Gaming X570-Plus

A beast when it comes to performance and also a bit cheaper than its peers, Asus TUF Gaming x570-Plus is an exceptional motherboard. Supporting a boost clock of 4400MHz, it holds the potential to truly unleash the power of AMD Ryzen 5900X. As it supports all AMD 5000 chipsets out of the box, setting it up with Ryzen 5900X is no headache. Overall, a pretty decent motherboard.
Supports PCIe 2x M.2 slots (4th-Generation), lots of USB connectors on the I/O panel, supports WiFi out of the box with good coverage, Asus TUG Gaming X570-Plus really shines when it comes to the gaming performance coupled with stability. Enthusiasts can overclock every setting to squeeze out every bit of performance from the board. An onboard heatsink fan coupled with heat shredders is also quite effective in heat dissipation.

Only one Type-C Connector


ASUS ROG Strix B550-F WiFi II

One of the most universally used motherboards for Ryzen CPUs, Asus ROG Strix B550-F WiFi II takes the lead for one of the best-performing motherboards on the market. Laden with all the latest techs including 4th-Gen NVMe M.2 slots, Type-C, flawless WiFi, solid VRM for cooling, and user-friendly design. The original version of this motherboard offers superior overclocking performance but unfortunately doesn’t have WiFi connectivity.

12+2 teamed power stages ensure proper power to the CPU for maximum efficiency, fan-less VRM heatsinks to keep the temps cool and integrated circuits (ICs) for maximum power efficiency. Next-gen ports include Type-C, DP 1.2, and HDMI 2.1 to enjoy the experience of systems with higher refresh rates. On top, HD-quality sound and special noise-cancellation technology further add to the might of the motherboard.

Limited Overclocking Abilities


We recommend these products based on an intensive research process that’s designed to cut through the noise and find the top products in this space. Guided by experts, we spend hours looking into the factors that matter, to bring you these selections.

Buying Guide for the Best Motherboard for AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

Motherboards these days have a lot of moving parts and there are many things to consider before you can decide on your ideal motherboard. From the overclocking abilities to the connectivity options of the motherboard, there are things that can truly unlock the potential of the components and let you enjoy a superior computing experience.


In the case of AMD Ryzen CPUs, finding a decent motherboard that supports everything you have in mind isn’t a demanding task since the market is filled with lots of options. But, it is sometimes a pickle to choose the right one. If you’re struggling to find the most desired motherboard for AMD Ryzen 5900X, here, we’ve put togather a brief buying guide to help you make the most important decision of your build. 

Key Considerations

Everything from the expansion slots to the connectivity options of the motherboard will define the final buying decision. Here are a few key considerations that must be kept in mind when purchasing a motherboard for AMD Ryzen 5900X.


CPU Socket


AMD Ryzen 5900X CPU has an AM4 socket and you will need to purchase a compatible motherboard. Motherboards with x570 and B550 chipsets are ideal for this CPU since these can regularly support the CPU right out of the box. Sometimes, a BIOS update might be needed for the motherboard to recognize the CPU. Older-generation motherboards with X470 and B450 chipsets can also support AMD Ryzen 5900X but, they often lack some of the advanced connectivity options that most next-gen motherboards have.




Depending on the form factor of your PC case, you will need to purchase a motherboard accordingly. Most motherboards for Ryzen 5900X have ATX-sized form factors and they won’t fit inside compact PC cases. In case you own a case with a mini-ATX or micro-ATX form factor, go for mini-ITX motherboards. In our round-up of motherboards, we mostly have included mobos with an ATX form factor. However, if you’re looking for the smallest motherboard for Ryzen 5900X, consider purchasing Asus ROG Strix X570-I Gaming, X570 Mini-ITX, or Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro Mini-ITX.


Cooling Options


It’s vital to choose a motherboard that supports various cooling options and has headers for AIO coolers and exhaust fans. Liquid cooling is also becoming quite common for those who are running a Ryzen 5900X under the hood, making it essential to invest in a motherboard that offers all such cooling options. All our picks that are mentioned above offer fan and fan-less heatsinks along with thermal pads for keeping the temperature of the motherboard cool.




If you’re planning to set up a dual or triple monitor setup, you must consider a motherboard that can support multiple monitors. Similarly, BlueTooth and WiFi connectivity is also important to some people and if you’re one of them, make sure to purchase a motherboard that comes pre-equipped with WiFi and BlueTooth adapters. Moreover, if you prefer motherboards with the best performance in online gaming, we advise you to invest in motherboards with next-gen 2.5G LAN connectors for a lag-free experience.


Expansion Slots


The number of expansion slots including the connectors for M.2 slots, SSDs, and HDDs is also one of the most important aspects. If you’re aiming for more storage, go for a motherboard with dual M.2 slots. Else, stick to the one that has a single M.2 slot since they will be much cheaper and offer the best bang for the buck.




It isn’t always the case that the most expensive motherboard will cough up the best performance, instead, budget-oriented options can offer the best bang for the buck. Consider your personal preference and choose the motherboard accordingly. If you’re aiming for better aesthetics with vivid color schemes, you’ll have to pay a significant sum. However, if you care less about the aesthetics and more about the performance, you can find a decent motherboard at a fair price.

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Yes, AMD Ryzen 5900X can be paired up with older motherboards with B450 and X470 chipsets. If you already have one of these motherboards, you don’t need to purchase a new motherboard to pair it up with Ryzen 5900X.

Yes, AMD Ryzen 5900X and AMD Ryzen 5950X uses AM4 socket and they can be planted on a motherboard with the B450, X470, B550, and X570 socket. If you have an AMD Ryzen 5950X chip, you can consider one of the motherboard options that we’ve mentioned above.