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Thermaltake Level 20 VT

One of the finest clear cases on the market and certainly one of the best horizontal PC cases you can find for the price.

The case uses a dual-layout design, making assembling your dream PC build easier.


Cooler Master

Cooler Master Elite 130

An excellent horizontal chase with a mini-ITX chassis for all your hardware needs.

Solid chassis with decent airflow, offering the best bang for the buck.

Hard to assemble.


Phanteks Evolv Shift XT

A spectacular horizontal PC case with deadly looks with an innovative design that makes it a fan-favorite.

The case is truly stunning as it features extended chassis that can fit all sorts of gaming components.

Tricky for a beginner.


Antec Dark Cube

Alien-looking horizontal PC case that features superior quality and is truly out of this world.

One of the only cases on the market to feature the slide-open case structure, truly sophisticated and innovative from Antec.


Lian Li

Lian Li Q58

The all-white exterior of this horizontal case makes it an attractive option for those looking for minimalistic builds.

Its small form factor makes it easier to put it anywhere. And its spacious interior supports a handful of cooling options as well.

A dust magnet.


The review process for horizontal PC cases considered factors such as design, construction quality, ease of installation, component compatibility, thermal performance, noise level, cable management, storage capacity, and value for the price. Additionally, the reviewers have compared the horizontal PC cases to other options on the market, including both traditional tower and small form factor cases, to provide a comprehensive analysis.

Buying Guide for the Best Horizontal PC Case

Lately, horizontal PC cases are trending and enthusiasts from all over the world have started to assemble their dream builds in such cube-shaped PC cases. And since they accommodate all sorts of components, including everything from a three-winged GPU to E-ATX-sized motherboards, horizontal cases have become increasingly popular.


But why are horizontal cases so popular these days? Considering their compact size, these cases are easy to place anywhere and can also be used for portable gaming. But, since there’s a plethora of horizontal PC cases on the market, how to choose the best one? Well, many things need to be considered. 

Key Considerations

Everything from the size of the horizontal PC case to the customer feedback the case has received plays a vital role in the buying decision. We’ve compiled a list of a few key considerations that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a horizontal PC case. 



PC cases have different form factors and generally, you can choose from E-ATX, Standard ATX, Mini-ATX/ITX, and Micro-ITX. You need to purchase the case that your motherboard will support. In case you have an ATX-sized motherboard, you will need to purchase an ATX-sized cube case because otherwise, it won’t fit inside the case. 


Similarly, graphic cards are getting bigger with each passing day and you also have to consider their dimensions before getting your hands on a PC case. For instance, if you’re going with a GPU from Nvidia’s RTX series, you will need a case that is spacious enough to fit such gigantic RTX GPUs.



A solid and durable chassis will go a long way if you aim for longevity. You’re better off investing in branded and high-quality cases than going cheap with low-quality chassis. Generally, metallic chassis with a rigid body are recommended but often, but people often choose low-quality cases, only for the bells and whistles.


Making the buying decision solely on the aesthetics of the case isn’t the best way to purchase the ideal horizontal PC case. If the case is fragile, it won’t be able to hold fan mounts and especially if you’re planning to mount a liquid cooling setup, you will regret buying a low-quality cheap case. 


Each PC case has its specifications and features that determine the purchasing decision of the user. For instance, if you need more storage, you’re better off getting your hands on a case that offers more 3.5” and 2.5” drive bays.  


Similarly, if you plan to squeeze every inch of performance from your computer and overclock it, then you will need good airflow inside the case. And to achieve the ideal temps, the case must have enough fan mounts and supports cooling solutions to keep the temps down low. 


Moving on, the I/O panel is also an important aspect of the case. If you want to build a gaming rig for VR gaming, a horizontal PC case that features Type C would be the ideal choice. Likewise, many other important features and specifications of the case must be considered before you decide to purchase them.


Customer Feedback 

Reading the customer feedback on the products that you’re scouting is the best way to know if you’re purchasing the right product. In this case, each of the products that we have mentioned comes highly recommended. 


You can read the Amazon reviews as well as customer feedback on Reddit and other social media websites to know more about the case. After reading the reviews and the customer feedback, it would be far easier for you to decide on the purchase. 



How much you want to spend to get the best horizontal case is your own choice. However, the expensive case doesn’t necessarily mean that they would be the ideal choice for you. Generally, a decent horizontal PC case can cost somewhere between $50 and $200. 


Spending too much on a case isn’t a good idea if it leads to cutting the budget on important accessories such as GPU or CPU. But in case you have an unlimited budget for the case after purchasing all the essentials for the build, your options are endless.

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Yes, Cube PC cases are also known as Horizontal PC cases, and it’s just a different term for the same thing. Whether you want a cube case or a horizontal case, there are plenty of options for you on the market and we have listed some of the best options that are currently available to you. 

The average dimensions of horizontal PC cases are about 350mm x 210mm x 372mm. For most modern builds, these horizontal cases are sufficient to fit all the parts.