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Our product review and comparison website provides in-depth, unbiased reviews and comparisons of a wide range of products. Our team of experts thoroughly researches each product, and our reviews are not influenced by outside factors. Our website is a one-stop destination for reliable and comprehensive reviews and comparisons, we also provide side-by-side comparisons, best deals, and discounts to help you make informed purchasing decisions.



ARRMA RC Car 1/8 Vendetta 4X4 3S

Lightning fast RC car with arguably the best drifting abilities. Its sporty design and high-performing internals offer top-notch speed and the ability to drift effortlessly.

High-quality RC drift car that can hit above 70MPH, making it an ideal option for drifting.


Jada Toys

Han’s Mazda RX-7

Stylish, fast, and an incredible option for drifting around the corners and having the time of your life.

The low center of gravity and medley of high performance makes it an ideal choice for RC enthusiasts.

Quality isn’t the best.


ARRMA 1/7 Felony 6S BLX

One of the fastest RC drift cars on the planet, the ARRMA 1/7 Felony 6S BLX will leave you in awe of its performance.

A highly durable RC car that can hit some serious miles and genuinely offer the drifting experience that one expects.

This car is too fast.


nakarcare HSP

Marvelous for drifting, the Nakarcare HSP is a dream RC drift car that reaches high speed and produces the most satisfying donuts.

The RC drift car uses durable suspension and supports 4WD to offer a high-speed experience. Using 2.5GHz wireless technology, it is the complete package.

Only for asphalt terrains.


DEERC 9300

Expecting some off-roading drifting in the mud and sand? The DEERC 9300 is one of the coolest RCs for off-road drifting.

With the capability of hitting 30MPH, the DEERC 9300 offers exceptional drifting abilities. Whether you’re driving on asphalt or sandy terrains, this one won’t disappoint.

Not waterproofed.


The review process for RC cars likely considered factors such as speed, durability, handling, battery life, controller range, and value for the price. Additionally, the reviewers have compared the RC cars to other options on the market, including both hobby-grade and toy-grade models, to provide a comprehensive analysis.

Buying Guide for RC Drift Cars

The experience of manhandling the vehicles and making the best donuts with your RC cars is something that you won’t be able to experience anywhere. It’s simply not possible to replicate the experience of drifting around corners in the open air, even though virtual reality gaming and e-racing simulators come close.


But not all RC cars are built for drifting, like real-life cars, each RC is built for different purposes and to get your hands on an RC drift car, there are many things that you’ll need to keep in mind. From the chassis of the RC car to the shell, every detail matters and to get the most ideal option, we’ve put togather a brief buying guide for RC drift cars to ease the process for you. 

Key Considerations

Following are some of the most important key considerations that must be kept in mind when purchasing an RC drift car. 



Height makes a huge difference when it comes to RC drifting cars but if they’re too tall, don’t expect fine donuts. In an RC drift car, the first thing to look for is its height and the center of gravity. Any RC car with a low center of gravity will be the most ideal RC drift car. However, tall RC vehicles that are meant for 4X4 use wouldn’t make good drift cars. 



The market is filled with a plethora of RC cars but only a handful of them are fast enough to offer the real thrill of drifting. Any RC that offers above 20MPH would be an ideal choice for RC drifting. On our list, we have mentioned the likes of ARRMA 1/7 Felony 6S RC drift cars that can hit a whooping 70+MPH and over, making them the best RC drift cars on the planet. 


Low-speed vehicles don’t have enough juice to power the drifts as the wheels don’t get enough loose enough for the car to drift properly. On the contrary, with high-speed RC cars, you can just push the throttle and steer the tires to swerve around the corners. 


Form Factor

Only sedans and hatchback RC cards are ideal for offering the most realistic drifting experiences. If you opt for RC trucks or RC buggies, you might be able to get something out of them but, it wouldn’t be enough to fulfill your drifting desires. The reason is that with just big RC vehicles, have a higher center of gravity, and drifting with them isn’t quite fun. 



You often see measurements like 1/10th, 1/5th, 1/64th, and many more alongside RC cars. Based on these measurements, we can get an idea of how large the RC car is in comparison to the original car that it is based on. For instance,  Han’s Mazda RX-7 is a 1/10th RC car which represents the measurement scale as compared to the original real-life model of the Mazda RX-7. 

For an RC drifting car, the 1/10th scale is the most ideal option because these cars are equipped with fast motors and their low center of gravity allows them to drift flawlessly. Similarly, 1/7th scale RC cars such as Felony 6S are also quite ideal RC cars for drifting. 



The cost of an RC drift car starts at $15 and can go all the way to a whopping $1500. It’s up to the buyer how much they want to spend on an RC drift car. For budget-oriented buyers, there are many different choices however, each one will have its drawbacks. 


As for the more advanced option, you can spend a great chunk to get a fast vehicle that lasts for a long time and truly offer the thrill of drifting. However, if you’re not careful with such vehicles, you might total the car in a single crash since these vehicles are insanely fast. But, some of the premium options feature shockproof shells to protect the RC cards. 


For beginners, it’s recommended to start with normal RC drift cars and once you have mastered the consoles, move on to bigger and special RC drift cars. 


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Extensive knowledge is required to build custom kits for your RC cars and for a beginner, a ready-to-run RC car is by far the best option. But, once you have the skills to customize your rides, you can move to custom kits for better performance and flexibility. 

Brushless cars are formidable and quite fast, ideal for drift racing. However, due to their sheer speed, they’re also hard to control. If you are not a pro at RC drifting, we recommend starting off with a brushed RC car.