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Fractal Design Focus G

One of the smallest ATX-sized red and black PC cases for peeps who invest alot into the aesthetics of their system. And since the Fractal Design Focus G isn’t expensive, you won’t go broke by getting your hands on this one. Design-wise, it’s pretty simple and features tempered glass but the chassis is somewhat insulated, making it dead silent.

Want a red PC case that is quiet? The Fractal Design Focus G is surely the only option on the market. It comes equipped with 2x120mm RGB fans that don’t make much noise and you can also tune them up to match the color of your build, truly an enthusiast’s dream.

Not the best quality PC case.


Thermaltake Core P3

The Thermaltake Core P3 is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a red PC case that can be mounted on a wall. The Core P3 is a sophisticated case that is designed to be mounted on a wall. Overall, it features solid build quality, lots of mounts for expansion devices, and obviously, an incredible airflow.

Assembling your build with this case is extremely easy and you won’t really have to worry about temps either. The all-side open design of this red PC case ensures that you get the ideal airflow to the internals. Similarly, it isn’t very expensive either and falls right into your budget.

Hard to clean.



An extremely expensive case that appeals to enthusiasts that are often a red ATX-sized PC case for their build. The ASUS TUF ZAKU II features a very sophisticated design that is entirely unique and really offers a premium vibe to the whole rig. Factor in its ability to support 360mm radiators, AIO coolers, and 120mm fans, and it isn’t a bad choice either.

Effective airflow, solid chassis, and incredible looks are some of the strongest points of this ASUS TUF ZAKU II red PC case. The side-tempered glass along with the headphone holder further improves the aesthetics of the case.

Insanely expensive



A spectacular choice if you’re looking a the best red PC case on the market. The NZXT H210 is an all-around choice as it offers all the specs of a high-end chassis without breaking the bank. Furthermore, its combination of red and black color scheme is surely is selling point.

The NZXT H210 red color PC case comes with a pre-mounted bracket for liquid cooling, ensuring that the temps are always in control. It is perfect in size and you won’t have any problem finding a place for this case. It’s cheap, good quality, and surely worth every penny.

Airflow is not ideal.



A pretty spacious chassis with three-dimension tempered glass, HYTE Y60 is a red PC case that you’d love to own. Solid metallic chassis with a beautiful color theme that rocks a medley of red and black to offer an incredible look to the build.

The ATX-sized chassis of this red PC case allows you to install every component inside it. Whether you’re eyeing an RTX graphics card or want to install some bulky AIO coolers, the Hyte Y60 red PC case will be quite sufficient for your needs.

Quite Expensive


The review process considered factors such as design, construction quality, ease of installation, component compatibility, cable management, noise level, and value for the price. Additionally, the reviewers have compared the red PC cases to other options on the market to provide a comprehensive analysis.

Buying Guide for Red PC Case in 2023

If you’re after a red PC case or a multi-colored PC case that features red and black color scheme, then the aesthetics aren’t the only thing that you should look for. When purchasing a PC, there are many factors to consider and the one case that checks all the boxes is truly the one for you. 

Key Considerations

Everything from how spacious the case is to its durability of the case matters. Along the line, there are many other factors to consider as well, and here are a few things that you should keep in mind when deciding on your red PC case. 

Form Factor 

The case’s form factor is the most crucial part of the build. If you’re going with the latest RTX series graphics card, you must go for an ATX-sized case that’s spacious enough to fit the card. All the graphics cards from the RTX series are quite big and won’t fit inside your red case if it’s too small.



The case must have mounts for the exhaust fans and for modem build that expect high performance, a mount for either 240mm or 360mm AIO coolers is ideal. If you want to keep the case cool during summer, invest in a case that offers good airflow and has a handful of 120mm mounts. Similarly, compatibility with a liquid cooling setup is another plus point in a PC case. 


Investing in a red and black PC case that uses low-quality Chinese material isn’t really worth it. Such cases usually come apart on their own in a few months’ time and the tempered glass is often quite fragile as well. When investing in a colored PC case, make sure to opt for a reputable brand. 

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Yes, DIY PC cases with the red and black color scheme are quite common and it is safe to use your favorite colors on the chassis of the case. There are different kinds of paints on the market and for PCs, it is often recommended to use rubber paint as you can peel them off anytime and spray the areas again for a fresh look. 

For the best red and black PC case, I highly recommend the ASUS TUF ZAKU II edition. Although it is a bit heavy on the pocket, the aesthetics coupled with the quality of the chassis really makes it worth every penny. Similarly, NZXT H210 is another decent choice if you’re after a red and black PC case.