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Fractal Design Define R5

Solid chassis that is optimized to stay silent and offer decent airflow. A tower case that’s spacious for all your needs, the Fractal Design Define R5 comes recommended.

Comes with a 140mm fan at the front for cooling and uses proper insulation to keep the noise as minimum as possible. Also supports water cooling out of the box.

Doesn’t have many air cooling options.

be quiet!

be quiet! Pure Base 500DX

Be quiet! is a household name for silent PC cases and the be quiet! Pure Base 500DX is another excellent option if you’re sick of the murmur sounds.

Comes with silent fans that can hardly be heard. And the added RGB lights on the case further make it an interesting choice for enthusiasts.

Only available in two colors.


Antec P101

An insulated case with a solid chassis that doesn’t have alot any sound to escape the case. It’s beautiful, budget-friendly, and surely a decent option.

Comes laden with sound-damping material and has plenty of pre-mounted 140mm and 120mm fans to keep an effective airflow throughout the case. Also comes with a fan speed controller on the I/O to further make it quieter.

Hard to assemble PC parts in there.

Cooler Master

Cooler Master Silencio S400

A minimalistic-look case with dimensions enough to call it one of the smallest ATX cases on the market. And since it is compact and known to be quiet, it is a good option as well.

No tempered glass or mesh grills, the case is solid metal that comes equipped with sound-dampening material. With this one, you’re guaranteed that the PC operations will be extremely quiet.

Limited cooling options

be quiet!

be quiet! Dark Base PRO 900 Orange Rev. 2

A full-sized tower case with the proper insulation to keep all the noises from ever making it to your ears. The be quiet! Dark Base PRO 900 Orange Rev. 2 is a special case that is optimized for higher performance with less noise.

Aside from the fact that it has tempered glass that makes it a treat for the eyes, there’s a decent airflow inside to keep the temps in check. The chassis is quite solid as well.



The review process considered factors such as design, construction quality, ease of installation, component compatibility, cable management, noise level, and value for the price. Additionally, the reviewers have compared the red PC cases to other options on the market to provide a comprehensive analysis.

How to Make a Silent PC?

The awful murmur and jet engine voices coming out of the PC case can ruin the gaming experience. Especially if you’re a player who spends a lot of time on graphically-demanding games and likes to play them at night, you’ll hear quite a bit of noise from your computer.


Everything from the exhaust fans to the GPU fans that run at up to 3000RPM makes a lot of sounds. To make a silent build, you have to be careful with every part, and the following are some key considerations that must be kept in mind if you’re building a quiet PC build that isn’t loud. 


The market is filled with a plethora of PC cases but only a handful of them are built to offer a quiet gaming experience. For a silent PC build, you need to get your hands on a silent PC case that is insulated with sound-dampening material and uses sound-less fans to offer the quietest experience. 


All our picks mentioned above are optimized to offer a quiet experience and if you went with any of the options mentioned above, rest assured that you’ll have a silent gaming rig.



Despite investing in a quiet PC case, if you don’t have the right fans, the PC would be loud. It is vital to invest in silent 120mm fans or go with the liquid cooling solution to minimize the sound coming out of the PC. Some excellent silent 120mm fans on the market include the be quiet! Pure Wings 2 and be quiet! Silent Wings 3


Similarly, while most insulated PC cases don’t offer space for AIO coolers, but if you’re going with a traditional PC case and still want the quietest PC build, you can also go with an option such as be quiet! BW007 Pure Loop 280mm AIO to further decrease the noise while also getting good temps. 


For the CPU as well, you will need to invest in a compatible CPU cooler that offers high performance and makes almost no sound to make a silent PC rig.


Storage Devices 

Traditional hard drives use moving components and they can be quite noisy. To make a silent PC, you will need to invest in SSDs and move to a newer technology that is way faster than a traditional hard drive and doesn’t make any sound. 


The latest 3rd-gen NVMe SSDs on the market doesn’t have any moving part inside of them, making them the best substitute for a hard drive. While they might be a bit expensive, they’re quite worth it, especially if you’re building a PC that doesn’t make any squeaks. 


Power Supply 

While it may be surprising to some people, the power supply can also make a lot of sounds and make the PC quite loud. For a completely silent PC build, you will need a silent PSU to make sure that your PC doesn’t make much sound. 


Now, for a PC that is not used for gaming and heavy workloads, a passively-cooled PSU is the best option on the market. However, if you plan to use the PC for high-end gaming, you’ll have to invest in a branded PSU that features quiet operations. 

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The be quiet! Silent Wings 3 is a fan-favorite and is the quietest 120mm fan on the market. Similarly, other fans that come with controllers also run with quiet operations since the users can keep them at low RPM to minimize any sound. 

All the picks that we’ve recommended offer quiet operations and it is up to the users to get their hands on the one they want. We’ve mentioned premium options as well as budget-friendly options to ensure that everyone can build a silent PC.