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Lian-Li O11 Dynamic EVO

The Lian-Li O11 Dynamic EVO is a great case if you don’t have any budget restraints as the came is quite pricy. But with its long spec sheet, you’ll soon realize that the case is quite worth the price tag. With great aesthetics, good-quality airflow, and a solid metallic chassis, it really is one of the best transparent PC cases on the market.

It is one of the few cases on the market to feature a USB Type-C on the I/O panel. And aside from the great aesthetics, the spacious interior allows an ATX-sized motherboard with gigantic AIO coolers. With lots of space for cable management, Lian-Li O11 Dynamic EVO comes highly recommended.



GIM ATX Mid-Tower Case 2

With the thinnest bezels, the GIM ATX Case 2 is one of the most transparent PC cases on the market. Its ATX-sized form factor allows easy assembly and the sophisticated case design makes it a favorite among enthusiasts. And add in the glowing RGBs, this case is a sight for sore eyes.

With almost 10 mounts for 120mm fans, there are enough cooling options to keep the temps in check. On top, the case comes with pre-installed dust filters as well, a feature that’s missing from most high-end PC cases. With 4mm thick tempered glass on the front and the side, the case is durable and won’t quit on you if you’re careful.

Bulkier in design.


SZSKYING ATX Computer Case

An incredible ATX-sized transparent case with a sophisticated RGB-lit design that’s made to please your eyes. An all-transparent layout of the case makes the case look quite stunning and add in the number of RGB fans you can add there, you can really consider it to be your next transparent PC case.

The case is gigantic in size and the interior has 10 120mm fan mounts and more than enough space to install large GPUs from the RTX series. There’s proper shrouding for cable management and drive bays to keep a neat and clean build. And since all the RGB lights are remote-controlled, you really can customize the case to your own liking.



Corsair iCUE 4000X

A beautiful-looking transparent case with stunning RGB lights and a spacious interior that’s sufficient for all sorts of builds, the Corsair iCUE 4000X is arguably one of the best. An ATX-sized case with a metallic chassis and an all-white interior and exterior, it really is stunning.

The spacious interior allows you to install an ATX motherboard with proper cable management and lots of drive bays. The front RGB-lit fans play a vital role in keeping the temps down low and the top-side radiator mount further expands the cooling option. Overall, this solid-quality transparent case is ideal for minimalistic builds.

Limited space for additional devices.



A bulky transparent case with 7 pre-installed ARGB fans, the Musetex 7 is sure to keep your internals from overheating. With a modern I/O panel on the front, a spacious interior, and lots of cooling options, the Musetex 7 is a transparent ATX-sized case that’s built for performance.

The case comes with a separate hard drive bay, making it possible to add new drives down the line. Although the PSU is mounted awkwardly, there’s enough airflow inside the case that ensures that the components don’t overheat. Aside from the aesthetics, the quality is pretty decent, making it a decent choice for a transparent PC case.

Lacks USB Type C on the I/O panel.


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Buying Guide for a Transparent PC Case

With transparent PC cases, you have to be extra careful because they’re extremely fragile and a single mistake could total the whole case in a matter of seconds. Everything from unboxing to assembling your build inside one of these cases has to be done extremely carefully to avoid any accidents. 


Key Considerations

When making the purchase decision, there are more than a handful of things that you need to keep in mind. And here are a few things that you shouldn’t look over when deciding to get your hands on a transparent PC case. 



Naturally, the most transparent cases are bulkier in size, and if you don’t have enough space on your desk, investing in a case that’s too big for you doesn’t make much sense. Before deciding on the one you want, make sure to match the measurements of the desk and compare them to the dimensions of the case to ensure that you have sufficient space. 


Supported Motherboards 

Mid-sized tower PCs can feature ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards and if you have any of these sizes, all of them will fit on the cases that are mentioned above. However, if you have an Extended-ATX (E-ATX) motherboard then make sure that the PC case supports the size. Otherwise, look for a different option. 



If you’re after cool aesthetics, investing in a transparent PC case makes a lot of sense. However, if the airflow inside the case isn’t ideal, the PC tends to overheat and cause many problems. Before purchasing the PC, ensure that it supports multiple cooling options and has a decent airflow for effective heat dissipation. 

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Naturally, all glass-made products are fragile in nature but in cases of transparent PC cases, use thick tempered glass that is more durable and strong. It can be said that transparent cases aren’t too fragile but, you have to be careful around them because as Zack often says, it’s glass, and glass breaks.

The Lian-Li O11 Dynamic is one of the best transparent cases on the market with good airflow. It supports AIO coolers and radiators for effective heat dissipation. The quality of the chassis is also quite superior, making it one of the best PC cases on the market.