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Our product review and comparison website provides in-depth, unbiased reviews and comparisons of a wide range of products. Our team of experts thoroughly researches each product, and our reviews are not influenced by outside factors. Our website is a one-stop destination for reliable and comprehensive reviews and comparisons, we also provide side-by-side comparisons, best deals, and discounts to help you make informed purchasing decisions.


Hornby Hobbies

Hornby Hobbies Warner Brother's Harry Potter Hogwarts Express

Fan of J.K Rowling’s finest work? You must have this Harry potter inspired electric train set in your collection.

An exact replica of the Hogwarts Express, this electric train set checks all the boxes.

Extremely costly.


Lionel The Polar Express

A truly stunning coal freight train with excellent aesthetics, it sure is one of the best electric train sets on the market.

The build quality of the train set is quite exceptional and the price tag is surprisingly quite affordable as well.

Batteries are not included with the train set.

Bachmann Train

Bachmann Train HO Scale

One of the finest short-track electric trains set on the market and is ideal for children.

Very easy to assemble and getting them to run on the track isn’t complex either.

Not ideal for people who have to assemble and disassemble the train track every day.


Lionel North Pole Freight Set

An old-school freight set with all the bells and whistles, it is surely an excellent option.

With all the train horns, announcements, and a curvy track, this one is really worth it.

Sound can be annoying.

Bachmann Train

Bachmann Train Rail Chief

For electric train enthusiasts, it really is one of the finest options on the market.

Assembling each part is fun in itself and seeing the locomotive run after hours of assembling is surely a sight to behold.



he review process for the best electric train sets considered factors such as scale, locomotive and car detail, track quality and variety, controller features, power supply, sound effects, and value for the price. Additionally, the reviewers have compared the electric train sets to other options on the market, including both beginner and advanced models, to provide a comprehensive analysis.

Buying Guide for Best Electric Train Set

Whether you’re buying your first or the hundredth electric set, there are always a few things that you need to keep in mind when shopping for a train set. Over the last couple of years, the market has been bombarded with top-notch eclectic sets.  

For enthusiasts and a hobbyist, these electric train sets bring them a great deal of comfort. A similar trend has also occurred in the toy market for kids, with the popularity of electric train sets increasing.


In today’s round-up, we’ve mentioned some of the finest electric train sets that are currently listed on the market. All of these electric train sets are ideal for indoors and whether you’re browsing these for adults or children, there is sure to be one that suits your needs. 

Key Considerations

Before adding any electric train set to your cart and calling it a day, there are a few things that you need to consider. The following are some key considerations that must be kept in mind when you’re browsing for an electric-powered train set. 




Scale or size is one of the most important things to look for when you’re buying a train set. There are different scales for model trains on the market and it is vital that you choose the right one. For instance, the HO scale means that the model train set is 1/87 times smaller than the original train. Generally, it is the most ideal size as it can easily fit inside a compact room.


For children below 5, the electric train sets with an HO scale are ideal as they are too big for them to put in their mouths. 


Similarly, the N scale represents that the model train is 1/160th times smaller than the real thing. It is ideal for toddlers aged above 6. Likewise, the O scale and G scale are quite gigantic in size and are only suitable for outdoor use. 


Indoor Space 


Before deciding on the size of the electric train set, measure the dimensions of the room where you want to install the train set. If you have a massive indoor space, you can get the train sets that come with more than 200 pieces and enable you to tweak the tracks and add more curves. 


On the other hand, if you don’t have much space, it is recommended to get an electric train set with fewer pieces. Since you won’t have enough room to install all the additional pieces of the track and its environment, it makes much more sense to buy one with fewer pieces and a short track. 




You can set up the layout of the track and tweak it as you see fit. For the common circular track, you won’t have to hassle much. However, to make a complicated track with lots of curves and loops, you will need an electric train set that comes with many track pieces. For children, the standard track would surely work but, if you’re just stepping into the trainverse, remember that more track pieces would mean an awesome track. 




Most top-notch electric model trains are quite noisy and it is a factor that you seriously need to consider before getting your hands on one. If it is too noisy, you can enjoy all the horns and the announcements at the beginning but, later on, these tones can get quite noisy and starts to get on your nerves. Especially for kids, it is best to find a train set that isn’t too loud since it can cause a great deal of damage to their ears.

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Lionel and Bachmann are one of the most reputable brands on the market when it comes to model train sets. These brands offer the most stunning train models and truly offer a memorable experience for anyone to decides to get their hands on any model from these brands. Aside from the quality, the overall experience that these have to offer is truly wholesome. 

The market is flooded with train sets for toddlers and children below 5. And there are some seriously good options available on the market but when it comes to toddlers, you have to be extremely careful around them. And hence, non-electric train sets are ideal for them since they won’t be around any electronics that could cause them harm. Similarly, the HO scale and above is an ideal scale for a train set for toddlers because the pieces of the set will be too big for them to swallow.