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HYTE Revolt 3

A beautiful-looking console-sized PC case that rocks a mesh grill all around and its all-white interior make it an attractive option. The handle on the top also makes it easier to carry, making it possible for you to game on the go.

The design of the Hyte Revolt 3 allows maximum heat dissipation and the internal dust filers also protect the internals from any dust buildup. The case also comes with a 700W power supply so you don’t really have to look for one that easily fits inside the case.

The cooling system could be better.


SSUPD Meshlicious

A heavy-duty electric pencil sharpener that can handle high-volume use in commercial settings.

Compatibility with a 280mm AIO enables the case to dissipate heat effectively. The rigid material of the chassis also ensures that you won’t need to replace it for a seriously long time. Factor in features like PCIe 3.0 card riser with a tool-less assembly, it really is a good option.

Hardly any.



The SGPC K39 is an excellent budget-oriented option for those after a console-sized mini-ITX PC build. The case opens from both sides of the case and gives access for easy installation. Compatible with mini-ITX mobo and SFF GPU, the SGPC K39 mini-ITX case has the potential to power your gaming on the go.

A cheap option that supports a dual-fan graphics card with a horizontal mount, with SGPC K39, you won’t have to make many compromises. The Front I/O panel has USB C which is ideal for most modern builds. Overall, a pretty decent choice for this price.

Limited cooling options



An extremely good quality console-sized PC case that utilizes a chimney effect to blow all the heat into the air, ensuring that the thermals don’t reach a critical level. The LOUQE Raw S1 looks almost like the Xbox Series X console and for enthusiasts, surely an incredible option.

Comes with 360-degree access since all the side panels are removable, making it much easier to build the PC. Installing the GPU is also quite hassle-free in this case. With a couple of fan mounts, there is plenty of option to increase the airflow inside the case.

Not compatible with newer CPU coolers.



A console-sized PC case that’s ideal for you if you don’t want to compromise on the performance of the system. Compatible with various mobos, GPUs, and cooling options, the NZXT H1 with its mini-ITX form factor is one of the best console-sized PC cases on the market.

Good airflow has to be one of the biggest pros of the NZXT H1. Similarly, it comes with a 140mm AIO cooler and a mini-ITX-sized power supply so you don’t have to browse the market to find a compatible one. Overall, strong chassis, a beautiful design, and ideal airflow.

Bit expensive


The review process for console-sized PC cases considered factors such as design, construction quality, ease of installation, component compatibility, thermal performance, noise level, power supply unit compatibility, and value for the price. Additionally, the reviewers have compared the console-sized PC cases to other options on the market, including both compact and full-sized models, to provide a comprehensive analysis.

Buying Guide for Console-Sized PC Case

When buying a console-sized PC case, you need to get every part right in order to build the ideal system. With ITX or small form factor (SFF), every inch matters, and hence, every minor detail matters. Here’s a brief buying guide for anyone eyeing to get their hands on a console-sized PC case.

Key Considerations

Everything from the motherboard to the exhaust fan that you’re going to install inside one of these cases has to be the right size for you to complete the build. A single mistake could lead to massive issues but, here are a few key considerations that you must keep in mind to avoid mistakes.


Motherboard and CPU


With a console-size or mini-ITX PC case, you need to be careful with the components and only purchase the products that will fit inside the case. Firstly, choose a micro-ITX or mini-ITX motherboard, whichever is compatible with the case, and make sure that it supports the process that you’re going to purchase. 


Secondly, modern CPUs have large coolers which usually don’t fit inside compact cases. Considered a CPU that comes with a low-profile cooler, otherwise, you might have to find the cooler yourself. 



Low-profile RAMs are recommended for console-sized or mini-ITX PC cases as they offer more clearance. It might occur to you to purchase high-quality RAM sticks. However, if they are taller, there might be some clearance issues, causing you to halt the build. 


Cooling Options 


With minimum heat dissipation, compact PC builds tend to get a lot hotter. And without an effective airflow inside the case, the internals is bound to heat up which can negatively impact the performance of the PC. When purchasing a console-sized PC, make sure the case has effective cooling options. 




The quality of the case matters the most as all the products inside the case are mounted on different sorts of brackets. In the event that the PC case is using low-quality metal, you can expect a lot of hurdles in the long run. 


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The HYTE Revolt 3 has to be one of the best portable cases with handles that you can find on the market. The case is quite sturdy and will be ideal for anyone who likes to take their gaming system everywhere with them. One of the major advantages of owning a console-sized PC case is that you can take it anywhere with you. 

Yes, most console-sized PC cases feature 360-degree assembly, making it easier to build your system inside one of these cases. Most options on our list can be taken apart completely, hence, making them the finest console-sized PC cases on the market.